Research Initiative Accomplishments

Initiative sponsors and partners across campus have implemented a number of enhancements to support faculty and undergraduate investigators, streamline research operations and align the academic and research missions.

Alignment of Missions


Research Operations

  • The vice president for research reports to the provost, in support of the initiative goal to better align the research and academic enterprises.



Research Operations

Education and Training


Research Operations

  • [email protected] and Beyond, a semester-long course on responsible conduct of research topics, was developed and is open to all students, faculty and research staff.



Research Operations

  • A new “pod” model for sponsored research administration is being implemented to streamline operations, distribute research support more equitably across schools and better integrate school-based and central research administrators.
  • Implemented a shared services model for research technology support that expanded service offerings and integrated school Information Technology (IT) research specialists for more efficient and timely response.
  • Implementation of myResearch, a new integrated electronic sponsored research lifecycle tool, is underway. The tool will directly address a number of recommendations from phase I of the faculty-led research ecosystem review.
  • Hired a director for GW IT Research Technology Services to coordinate research computing, cloud, and consultancy services.
  • The Finance Division has launched a new tool, Forte Participant Payments, that streamlines the payment of research participants and reduces the administrative burden associated with these transactions.
  • The Office of the Vice President for Research is piloting a new online resource, Protocol Builder, to aid investigators in the development of research studies that involve human volunteers.
  • Additional staff have been hired in the Office of Research Integrity for critical quality control and compliance functions.
  • User-led advisory committees have been formed to provide regular input into operations and ongoing improvements related to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).
  • Enhancements to PI Dashboard, a web-based award management portal, went live on September 1, 2019.
  • The university automated administrative processes, workflows and status updates related to data use agreements, administrative establishments and extensions and others.
  • GW reduced the administrative burden associated with proposal submission by eliminating the formal five-day waiver request.
  • The Office of the Vice President for Research has instituted panel reviews for University Facilitating Fund applications, at the request of faculty, to support enhanced equity in awarding internal funding.
  • A new electronic system for submission and review of research integrity and compliance processes has been implemented.

Improved Resources


Research Operations

  • University Increases Intramural Funding: In late 2017, the university increased funding for internal research grants. This funding—for individual and multi-disciplinary projects—is especially important for faculty in fields in which research funding is scarce, such as the humanities.
  • GW's next generation flagship high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, Pegasus, has been brought into production with over 200 advanced computational nodes and peta-scale high performance storage.
  • Deployed a high-performance computing (HPC) “teaching” cluster to support computation- and data-intensive courses in computer science, data science, public health, the biological sciences, and more.
  • Launched a secure data management platform using Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) for building and managing online surveys and databases. The tool provides advanced functionality for clinical and translational researchers.


Student Engagement

  • A new program allows undergraduates to highlight research-related experiential learning on their official GW transcript.
  • The GW Innovation+Entrepreneurship Lab, a co-working space for entrepreneurial students and faculty, has opened in partnership with MakeOffices.
  • GWomen, a program of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, was created to build a community of students committed to supporting and accelerating women’s entrepreneurship.
  • In partnership with the Student Experience initiative, the GW Student Research Commons, a centralized resource for students to locate research opportunities at GW, was launched.