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GW's mission is to improve the world with the discoveries and creative expressions of its faculty and students. This requires the university to invest in the areas of scholarship and research where it can have the greatest success and to ensure that its research ecosystem matches the aspirations of the university community. And it requires that the university facilitate research that crosses disciplinary and geographic boundaries. GW will build on the progress it has made, exploring ways to support research that continues to generate groundbreaking discoveries and innovative ideas.





  • Goal 1: Ensure that principal investigators have the support and flexibility they need to focus on their research.
  • Goal 2: Enhance GW's research and scholarly reputation and promote discoveries and innovations made by the university community. 
  • Goal 3: Align the research and academic enterprises.
  • Goal 4:  Enrich the educational experience of GW students by increasing opportunities to work and publish with faculty.


Initiative Accomplishments


Recent Accomplishments

  • A new program allows undergraduates to highlight research-related experiential learning on their official GW transcript.

  • A “pod” model for sponsored research administration is being implemented to streamline operations, distribute research support more equitably across schools, and better integrate school-based and central research administrators.

  • Implementation of myResearch, a new integrated electronic sponsored research lifecycle tool, is underway. The tool will directly address a number of recommendations from phase I of the faculty-led research ecosystem review.


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Research Ecosystem Review 

GW faculty, staff and leadership conducted a review the university’s research ecosystem. The review was a major component of the research strategic initiative and identified successes and areas for investment. Initiative sponsors and campus partners are outlining action plans for improvement.

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Enhancing GW's Research Infrastructure and Systems



The modernization of core research infrastructure is essential to support GW’s vibrant and growing research community. In response to GW's strategic initiative to enhance the research experience and feedback gathered during the faculty-led research ecosystem review, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is spearheading the implementation of myResearch, an enhanced electronic research administration (eRA) tool.

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GW investigators and research staff depend on current research administration systems


Faculty and staff volunteered their time to review GW's research ecosystem and make recommendations for improvements


Total recommendations put forward by the research ecosystem review working groups


New initiatives or process enhancements implemented following the research ecosystem review (as of May 10, 2021)





Initiative Sponsor

Office of the Vice President for Research


Initiative Leadership

  • Sheila Garrity, Associate Vice President, Research Integrity
  • Gina Lohr, Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research



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