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Medical Enterprise Initiative


The GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), the GW University Hospital (GWUH) and the GW Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) comprise a medical enterprise that exists for education, research and patient care. With the leadership of GW and its clinical partners, the entities’ relationships continue to evolve to support an aspiration of preeminence as a medical enterprise and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of 21st-century health care.



  • Goal 1: Renew the academic relationship between SMHS and the MFA. (Completed; See Initiative Accomplishments)
  • Goal 2: Enhance the strategic alignment in the SMHS and GWUH partnership. (In Progress)
  • Goal 3: Explore growth opportunities to expand the clinical and training footprint. (In Progress)
  • Goal 4: Explore the potential for brand consolidation.
  • Goal 5: Form effective integrated leadership across the clinical, research and educational departments and programs of SMHS and the MFA to amplify collaboration and excellence across missions. 



Initiative Accomplishments




  • Barbara Lee Bass Named VP for Health Affairs, Dean of SMHS and CEO of the MFA
    An esteemed academic leader and surgeon who trained and taught at GW, Dr. Bass has established a pioneering career defined by excellence in patient care, educational innovation, interdisciplinary research and discovery and service. She previously held an appointment as Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine while serving as Chair of the Department of Surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital and has led research programs funded by the NIH, NSF and VA Research programs. Dr. Bass is the first woman to lead SMHS. For the first time, the Dean/VPHA of SMHS also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the GW Medical Faculty Associates (MFA).

  • High-Performance Strategic Alignment of the University and Academic Physician Practice Created
    GW and the MFA restructured their relationship in 2018. The MFA retains its status as a separate 501(C) 3 non-profit medical group, with the university exercising new rights of coordination and control. Under Dean Bass, the leadership of SMHS and the MFA are working together to build a fully unified GW academic medical enterprise. The strategic alignment has created opportunities to unify governance structures and business operations, and to appropriately locate mission-based services and programs across SMHS and the MFA.

  • Enterprise-Wide Strategic Planning Process for 2021-2024 Underway
    SMHS and the MFA are actively engaged in a collaborative strategic planning process that will guide the combined goals of SMHS and the GW MFA for the first several years of the post-pandemic academic medical enterprise.

  • Enhancing Integration of Faculty Across SMHS and the MFA
    Leadership has created a new working group of all departmental chairs—clinical, basic science, and health sciences—to enhance leadership coordination across the clinical, educational and research missions of the school.  Searches for new leadership positions also are underway.

  • Continuing the MFA, UMC Collaboration
    The MFA is now providing GW faculty doctors for emergency and hospitalist services through its work with United Medical Center (UMC), a public hospital serving residents of Southeast D.C.

  • Expanding Primary Care
    Through this initiative, SMHS and the MFA will build and expand primary care service lines to help improve the care and health of the communities it serves.

  • Expanding the GW Medical Enterprise’s Clinical Education and Training Capacity
    SMHS is continuing to expand its clinical training footprint through agreements with other institutions.



Initiative Leadership:

  • Mark Diaz, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Barbara Bass, Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine & Health Sciences


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